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Winter Cruise

What To Expect

We Want To Make Travel Easy

R. P. HARDIE CRUISE & TRAVEL LLC is known for booking unforgettable experiences for clients from the United States to destinations all over the world. Founded in 2016, we utilize our vendor knowledge and longstanding industry relationships to ensure complete customer satisfaction and surpass our travelers' expectations.

No matter what sort of trip you’re thinking of, we are here to turn your vision, and dreams, into reality. Whether you're planning a honeymoon at a luxury resort, or are eager to go on a fascinating expedition cruise, our team will customize a dream vacation that suits your needs perfectly.

The Process

When planning your personalized vacation, I spend many hours doing exhaustive and meticulous research, consuming what is trending from the latest travel publications, websites, and reviews, engaging with other travel professionals within my global network, and working with my supplier partners all over the world. No stone is left unturned. I often hear from potential travelers that they would love to go on unique trips, or see exotic destinations, but the biggest snag is that they don’t know where to begin, and they don’t have the time and patience to plan it. I often receive feedback from these potential travelers that the overwhelming number of choices, and varied opinions and reviews, leaves them with analysis paralysis, and they admit that they end up booking the same old trip to Florida or California as a safeguard. This is not how vacations are supposed to work.

I have the expertise, connections, resources, and experience to create tailor-made and experiential trips. I will do all the essential heavy lifting including booking flights, lodging and activities, and producing a well-organized, specially tailored daily itinerary. But the true distinction from our work, and that of other sources, is in the comprehensive attention to detail that I provide to make your trip stress-free, meaningful, and memorable for all who travel with you.

I focus on delivering unique opportunities; from finding authentic experiences, interesting souvenir and gift shops, diverse and fulfilling activities, and more, to pre-trip preparations such as health and safety protocols or requirements, passport/visa requirements, packing lists, useful travel apps, and on the ground logistics. I research and suggest available media options that are helpful to educate you and your travel party about the history, culture, current events, and language of where you will be visiting. I am there, throughout the process, to help, give guidance, and support when the need arises, and I am your personal representative with the supplier partners when you need a bigger voice to speak for you. Post-trip, I will provide you with recommendations on how to keep the memories fresh and keep your kids engaged in the values and experiences of travel abroad and lessons learned.

These subtle differences and details will enhance your experience, and make you a traveler, not just another tourist.


I also create fully personalized travel itineraries for your trip, so that every detail is at your fingertips... And yes, there is an app for that too!


You can book your same old safe vacation experience, and spend all your time in hours-long lines waiting for an experience that only lasts a handful of minutes, or a few short seconds. Or you can upgrade your vacation and experience a truly memorable experience. And yes, even those destinations where you will stand in line for a short thrill, can be turned into a unique, personalized travel program, that maximizes your time, and includes everything to make your trip the awesome, memorable experience that you want it to be. Every type of travel can be turned into that perfect, luxury experience, as you envision it to be. I don’t just do luxury, I do your luxury, your way.

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