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What Is Your Travel Style

Inspiration and Ideas for Your Next Vacation

Which Travel Style Is Right for You

When it comes to your travel style, you need to determine what yours is so we can work with you to create that perfect vacation. We all have our own definition of what the perfect vacation is, and our definition of Luxury is just as diverse. At R. P. Hardie Cruise & Travel LLC, we pride ourselves in delivering your perfect Luxury vacation, based on your defined experience and desires.

How to Choose Your Next Destination

There are many ways to choose your next vacation destination, but make sure that they are your way, and not the way of others. The internet is full of bloggers, vloggers, and influencers that have "the perfect destination and experience" for you but beware, these people are trying to sell you on their experiences and they know nothing about you or what your wants, needs, and expectations are. We get to know you, on a personal level, so we can guide you to the destination that will fit your needs. We don't tell you where to go, we just provide you with guidance and options.

Maximizing Your Travel Investment

It is no secret that travel can be a very costly investment, but it doesn't have to cost you more than it should. When you try to book your travel online yourself, you are being given one little thing after another to add to your travel package, and every one of these things has its price, and those prices add up very quickly to a large total cost. Truth is, most of those little added items are not even necessary for most travelers, but without someone to take you down the right path, you will become a victim of greedy operators. And worst of all, you are not provided with information or options to add valuable trip enhancements or special amenities, because these things are not available to the open public when booking travel.


We have learned what your personal style is and what your expectations are for your trip. This gives us the information needed to find those travel components that not only deliver the experience that you want, but also enhances that experience by including exclusive enhancements and amenities that you can not find anywhere else. We have unique access to several programs and amenities that are exclusive to travel advisors, and we make sure that you get everything available to your trip. We also have exclusive access to special pricing and promotions that we will deliver to you when available.

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