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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

There are many websites that offer services and support to travelers who are looking for quality and satisfaction in their vacation planning and experiences and that is exactly what I am doing here as well. However, I don't bring the traditional "shiny object" approach to the process by filling your head with all of the beautiful and glitzy things that most private agencies do; instead, I share my own personal experiences with the travel products and will always get you the best value (that means perks, promos, offers, freebies, etc.) for the best price that can be secured. I am able to do this for you due to my associations with my home agency, industry partnerships with international associations, well-established relationships with the suppliers that I use (and there are many), and my knowledge and experience that has been gained through the many certifications that I have obtained which are all through the suppliers themselves versus a generic agency model like so many others.

I work with you to create the best vacation program that we can and I do it based on your personal needs and experiential desires while also taking into consideration any budget constraints that you may have. You can request as little or as much service and travel product processing as you while also maintaining control over those elements that you wish to. I don't create the suppliers travel package, I create your travel package and then share with you some of the tips and tricks that I have learned along the way by enjoying these types of vacations myself. If there is a way that you can travel and save money for the more experiential things then I will let you know so you can enjoy your vacation experience and memories for a lifetime.

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