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Meaningful Connections Through Travel

Your personalized travel itineraries perfectly planned and matched to you...

We spend our time on this planet looking for meaning and fulfillment - the answer to the question of life. We use our time to build and develop relationships; seek out time to decompress; celebrate accomplishments; and strive for understanding. These unique moments are what define us, and we can only accomplish this through immersing ourselves into our surroundings and connecting with ourself, others, cultures, destinations, and our family heritage. The easiest way to gain this experience is through travel as it takes us to the places and people that we wish to connect to; we can be actively immersed in the history and heritage of our experiences; and we can find our place in this bigger picture of what the meaning of life is about and what our place is in this grand plan. By understanding our place in this existence, we can share creativity, show compassion and understanding, give our lives a deeper meaning than mere existence. R. P. Hardie Cruise & Travel LLC is grounded in the concept that we can make these critical connections, and become better people, through travel that has a purpose, and that is why I focus on making every trip you take a personalized experience that will help you define your place in life. I work many hours with each client and on every itinerary and travel design to ensure that you have the best experience possible.


When we think about what connection means, our thoughts should be about achieving a feeling of cohesiveness; finding continuity in life; exploring the intimacy of relationship to ourself or others; and immersing ourselves in cultures, destinations, and our surroundings, as the whole experience.

I will be your guide for every journey you take in your search for more meaningful connections through travel. 

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