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Cruise Accommodation Options

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Your onboard accommodations can have an impact on how much you enjoy your cruise vacation and you should be very careful in selecting what type of Stateroom you desire before just going with the cheapest one. Sure, it is human nature to spend as little as possible on anything we do in life but when you are looking to have the most memorable and unforgettable vacation experience ever you could end up leaving some joy on the table if you don't like your living arrangements.

You can opt to go as cheap as possible with an Interior Stateroom that has no windows or views of the ocean or surrounding scenery and that is fine for the traveler who is going to spend their time either enjoying some of the many entertainment options that are available throughout the day or will be spending all of their time out on the pool and open deck spaces where they can see all of the sights they want. And then on the other extreme are the travelers who want to have as much space as possible and prefer the luxury and perks offered by a Suite Stateroom (but these come with a hefty price tag of course) such as Butler Service (depending on cruise line), complimentary mini-bar, complimentary laundry service, special dining options that are included, and a wide range of extra's that the average cruise traveler is charged for.

The best piece of advice that I can offer on the question of "what Stateroom is right for me?" is to take into consideration HOW you want to experience your cruise destination and then decide on a Stateroom category that will meet your desires. If you are cruising an exotic destination or the rugged Inside Passage of Alaska and you want to be able to enjoy the views without a bunch of people running around and yelling then you would probably get the best experience with a Balcony Stateroom. If you prefer to spend all of your waking hours out on deck and you only need a place to sleep then the Interior Stateroom is perfect for you. If you just don't know what you are looking to experience your best option is to reach out to your travel advisor and they can surely make the most intelligent recommendation to you based on their knowledge of what options are available and their first-hand experience having traveled in the various categories. If your Advisor can't help you then they have either never traveled before or they have no idea what they are doing so you would want to seek out an Advisor who has first-hand experienced and a detailed knowledge of the range of available Stateroom categories and their benefits and amenities.

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