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What is a V.I.P. Vacation Package?

What are V.I.P. Vacation Packages? The V.I.P. stands for Vacations Intelligently Planned, which means that each element of the total package has been carefully, and intelligently, selected to provide you with the best value possible for your vacation budget. There are times when the basics of a vacation fall short of providing for a quality and enjoyable experience and by intelligently evaluating each element or component that goes into a vacation and selecting only those that meet your desires and expectations can you truly experience the vacation that you have always dreamed about. Every V.I.P. Vacation Package is carefully created to provide you with the best accommodations, the best Stateroom locations, the best amenities, and the best offers that are available while also focusing on making sure that your vacation is stress-free and will be a vacation to remember for years to come.

And, as a bonus, although each V.I.P. Vacation Package is designed with specific component options and destinations in mind, they can also be customized with additional products and services as you desire so that you experience what your idea of the perfect vacation is. So, if you decide that you want to add some shore excursions or special dining venues or whatever else is available to your vacation all you need to do is let me know and I can get it all worked out for you; the only limit to what your vacation experience will be is you.

V.I.P. Vacation Packages do not include the cost of air travel since we all will travel from different locations and air travel pricing and availability is always changing. Air travel can be added upon request and if it is within the availability window for pricing and booking (approximately 300 days out from actual departure date). All components of your V.I.P. Vacation Package are booked through the primary supplier (when offered) as per their special negotiated rates with those suppliers whose products or services are included in the offer. Vacation packages also do not include the costs associated with a travel protection/travel insurance plan (which we highly recommend) but you may request to have this added if you desire. If you decline travel protection or insurance coverage, each traveler (over the age of 16) is required by law to complete and sign a Travel Protection/Insurance Waiver form.

When booking any travel program, whether individually planned or any packaged vacation program, the pricing provided at the time of proposal is subject to change at the discretion of the suppliers until a minimum required deposit has been applied to your booking/reservations. The amount of the minimum required deposit is subject to the terms & conditions of the suppliers as are the terms of payment. All payments will be posted to the suppliers on your behalf as part of the services that I provide and will be submitted as per your instructions as far as amount and timing as authorized by your acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in my Credit Card Authorization Agreement form. Where possible, you may be eligible for participation in an automatic monthly payment program (varies by supplier) or you can request to see if you qualify for the Travel Now, Pay Later program offered by Uplift which allows you to make a down payment and then monthly payments thereafter with no late fees or early payment penalties. As a partner with Uplift, I can enter your information into their system along with the total costs of your vacation components to see what their offer for you is with no obligation to accept. The entire process is quick and automated, and it allows you to be able to add all those extras that you typically pay for later and at a much lower interest rate than if you were to put all of this on that high-interest rate credit card.

You can only experience a true V.I.P. Vacation Package from R. P. Hardie Cruise & Travel LLC and your V.I.P. experience will be enhanced through the perks, amenities and offers that are only available to you because of the special partnerships and supplier relationships that I have established through my own travel experiences and professional industry credentials and certifications. These value-added items are otherwise not available to you so why leave money on the table when you can enjoy yourself more?

V.I.P. Vacation Package - Cruise Alaska

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Pricing varies by selected options.

There is no vacation experience like that of an Alaska cruise vacation through the Inside Passage. Calm waters, grand glaciers, quaint ports of call, history, and native culture abound in Alaska, and your cruise experience will have you coming back for more.

I have several date options to choose from that originate in a U.S. West Coast port city. Sailing from a U.S. port allows for an easier planning process and helps to keep your costs closer to your budget by eliminating currency conversions.

I look forward to working with you on your vacation experience, and who knows, I might even make an appearance on your cruise (I cruise frequently, and Alaska is one of my favorite places to visit, so I may occasionally book myself on one of these sailings and love to meet my fellow cruise travelers).

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