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Travel Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

Very common question, and we all have to make the decision for ourselves as to whether or not we need travel insurance. But, when making that decision, keep this in mind: if something were to happen before or during my trip, can I afford to lose the investment that I made for my vacation? I can guarantee that the answer is a resounding "no" and that should give you the answer to the original question: "do I really need travel insurance?" The answer to that question is, "yes," if you want to protect your investment.

This is something that many travelers have overlooked in years past, and when the COVID pandemic shut travel down across the globe, there were thousands of travelers who found themselves stranded in foreign places, that had no protections in place to help them get home. They also lost much, if not all, of their travel investment, as a result of hoping that suppliers would be sympathetic to them as a result of the circumstances. They learned the hard way that you need to protect yourself, and your investment, against the unknown, and unexpected.

 I have access to some of the best, and most affordable, travel insurance programs that are sure to give you that extra peace-of-mind knowing that your trip is protected from just about anything that the world of travel can throw at you. And also know this, as a travel professional I ALWAYS have travel protection on my trips, no matter how simple they are. There are too many things that can result in little extra expenses that add up quickly and there is no reason why you should take a loss on such things. Get your travel plans protected by a quality program so you can get more of you investment back, and your extra expenses reimbursed, should you need to.

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